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Applying to Burgess Hodgson

People come into accountancy from a wide range of areas, but they’re all united in their belief that accountancy is the profession for them. If you are applying to Burgess Hodgson we like to think that you’ve already made that choice and are committed to following a career in accountancy and business advice.

Throughout the selection process you’ll have plenty of opportunity to discuss your ambitions with us and learn about the role you can play in our firm. We’ll be clear about what we’re looking for and will answer your questions as fully as possible, so we can both decide if we’re a good fit.

Applying online

Applying online should take approximately an hour. We ask all applicants to complete the application form to ensure everyone is assessed fairly and objectively. A member of our recruitment team screens each form. We ask you about your academic results, positions of responsibility and work experience.

We also ask you to complete five career-focused questions, which will help us start to find out more about your strengths and skills.

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The interview

If your application is deemed suitable you will be invited for interview at our Canterbury offices. Here you will be interview by one, or possibly two, members of our recruitment team. We are particularly keen to find out about you as a person, your strengths and attributes, as well as what you’re interested in and why you think you want to work for Burgess Hodgson. It will be useful to demonstrate any extra-curricular activities, as well as any work or other experience you’ve had that you think may be appropriate. It’s also always useful to think about what questions you’d like to ask your interviewer.

We shall inform you of the interview outcome without delay. Please note as a firm our policy is not to provide individual feedback.

The offer

If successful, you will be offered a training position at Burgess Hodgson. Given the competition for sponsored places both locally and nationally, you’ll have done very well to get this far. But the hard work doesn’t stop there. We will expect you to make an impression within your accounts team by showing diligence, commitment and initiative, within a structured training environment. You will also have to study and take your ICAEW exams, for which you will be given study leave. Passing these is a prerequisite for moving up within the firm.

If you would like to apply for a position at Burgess-Hodgson, please complete our application form.

We will contact you as soon as we can…


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