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Off-Payroll Working Guide and Webinars

posted 10th November 2020

With changes coming into effect from 6th April 2021 HMRC have published an off-payroll working (IR35) guide with useful resources.

Please see the below links for the guide or to register for HMRC’s webinar.



If you have any further questions on IR35 please contact info@burgesshodgon.co.uk

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CJRS extended to March 2021

Posted: 09 November 2020
The Coronavirus Job retention scheme has been extended to March 2021 and the Job Support Scheme and Job Retention Bonus have been postponed.
Friday 13th November 2020 is the new deadline to retrospectively Furlough employees from 1st November (subject to adhering to guidelines).
Read our breakdown here: CJRS Extended to March 2021
For more information or if you would like help with your furlough claims please contact our payroll team: Payroll@burgesshodgson.co.uk
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Extension to Furlough Scheme and Latest Changes

Posted: 05 November 2020

The Furlough Scheme has now been extended to March at 80%, the job retention bonus has been scrapped, and the self-employed scheme has also been extended at 80%.

There is a detailed policy paper setting out the changes at:



The terms of the furlough extension are summarised in the note on government support and also the Treasury press release, which can be found here:




Please email us at info@burgesshodgson.co.uk if you have any questions.

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Self Employed Grant Increased & Support for Jobs and Businesses

Posted: 02 November 2020

The self employed grant will be increased to 80% of eligible trading profits for November. This reverts to the previously announced 40% for December and January, as follows – quoted from the second document below:

  • Today, the Government is announcing that we will provide even more generous support to the self-employed, and we are increasing the support to the self-employed from 40 per cent of trading profits to 80 per cent for November.
  • As SEISS grants are calculated over 3 months, this increases the total level of the grant to 55 per cent of trading profits for November to January and the maximum grant will increase to £5,160.


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Job Support Scheme guidance published and scheme postponed – Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme extended

Posted: 02 November 2020

On the eve of the Job Support Scheme (JSS) going live from 1 November 2020, the Prime Minister announced another period of lockdown in England, beginning on Thursday 5 November to last 4 weeks to 2 December 2020.

As a result of the lockdown measures, the Chancellor announced that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) otherwise known as the ‘Furlough Scheme’ would not cease on 31 October 2020 and would be extended to December 2020.

The new Job Support Scheme (JSS Open and JSS Closed) would be postponed until the furlough scheme ends.


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New Job Support Scheme, Self Employed and Business Grants

Posted: 22 October 2020

The Chancellor has announced major changes to the Scheme, which replaces the furlough scheme on 1 November.


See the BBC News article for an outline: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-54644241


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CJRS Last Claim Date

Date confirmed for last Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) claim as the 30th November 2020.


If you have any questions on your claim please contact payroll@burgesshodgson.co.uk

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Details Published On The New Job Retention Bonus

Posted: 02 October 2020

Full details have now been published of the scheme, which provides £1,000 bonus to employers retaining staff to January 2021 who had previously been furloughed:

An outline of the scheme can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-guidance-on-9-billion-job-retention-bonus-set-to-benefit-millions-of-businesses

Detailed guidance on the scheme is here:  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/check-if-you-can-claim-the-job-retention-bonus-from-15-february-2021

For worked examples of the minimum threshold of payment to employees for the employer to qualify for the bonus visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/find-an-example-of-employees-and-the-minimum-income-threshold-for-the-job-retention-bonus/example-of-employer-deciding-which-employees-will-meet-the-minimum-income-threshold-for-the-job-retention-bonus

Treasury Direction setting out the rules of the scheme – this is important as it sets out the actual eligibility for a claim, which is the legislation used in any disputes. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/923783/SIGNED_CJRS_DIRECTION_No_4__Coronavirus_Job_Retention_Scheme_Bonus__Final.pdf

In the Treasury Direction there are some important time limits:

  • No more claims under the furlough scheme after 30 November 2020 (para 3.1 of the Direction)
  • Opening date for Job Retention Bonus claims 15 February 2021 (para 7.2)
  • Last date for Job Retention Bonus claims 31 March 2021 (para 7.2)

If you have questions on this please contact us at payroll@burgesshodgson.co.uk

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Furlough Staff on Jury Service

HMRC has confirmed on its Employment and Payroll Group (EPG) that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme claims can be made for furloughed staff on jury service,  read more here.


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Major Changes Announced

Posted: 24 September 2020

Major changes have today been announced by the Chancellor. Detailed documents are awaited, summaries of the measures that the government has announced has been published and provide more information:




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