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MTD Digital Link Requirement Delayed.

HMRC have announced that the MTD digital link requirement will be delayed by a year to April 2021

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Tax Investigation Protection Service

Burgess Hodgson offer a facility to take out insurance with Croner Taxwise, the market leader in the specialist field for Tax Protection Insurance. This was introduced in response to clients’ concerns and the change in HM Revenue & Customs’ approach which was to concentrate their energies into investigations to ensure compliance. This increased the number of cases being reviewed.
If your Tax affairs were investigated, we can help you at every step of the process. There would be substantial accountancy costs involved but these would be covered by the insurance policy offered so you would not be chargeable.

If you have any queries about this policy, please contact your usual Burgess Hodgson contact or email info@burgesshodgson.co.uk

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Making Tax Digital

We have created our own guide to help you understand how Making Tax Digital might affect you.

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HMRC Consultation on CGT payments on account for residential property closes

The current system is that capital gains tax (CGT) is payable on residential property in line with normal income tax payment dates. This can mean that any CGT due is paid up to 21 months from the date of the transaction. From 2020 #HMRC propose to collect a payment on account of the CGT within 30 days of the transaction.


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HMRC estimate ‘Tax Gap’ to be £33 billion for 2016/17

  • ‘Tax Gap’ is the difference between what HMRC thinks the total tax collected should be and what is actually collected

  • Up from £32bn in 2015/16

  • The expected tax collection is calculated based on estimated levels of economic activity

  • Tax Gap due to criminal activity, tax evasion and errors.


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HMRC confirms reinstatement of EMI scheme

  • The EMI scheme was effectively withdrawn from April 2018 as EU State Aid approval had expired.
  • On 15 May 2018 the State Aid approval was reinstated by the EU.
  • The EMI scheme now continues as it was pre 5 April 2018
  • EMI schemes are tax-advantaged HMRC approved share option schemes
  • Very useful for growth companies looking at long term incentive plans for employees.


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Making Tax Digital Update

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is the most fundamental change to the administration of the tax system for at least 20 years. This change might seem daunting, but we’ve compiled everything you need to know so your journey into digital tax recording is as easy going as possible.

What’s changing?

• Paper records will no longer be sufficient. Almost all businesses and landlords will now be legally required to use digital software or a spreadsheet to keep accounting records.
• Accounting records will be required to be submitted to HMRC directly from accounting software within one month of the end of each quarter.


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2019 Tax Notes

To download 2019 Tax Notes document please click here


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HMRC: The Requirement to Correct – Offshore Accounts

HMRC have introduced new legislation called “The Requirement to Correct”, which requires UK taxpayers to ensure that all their foreign income and assets, where tax may be payable, have been declared to HMRC  BEFORE the 30th September 2018.

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RTC Information


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