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HMRC accelerates ‘no deal’ Brexit planning

Posted: August 27, 2019

Over recent days HMRC appear to be accelerating planning for a ‘no deal’ Brexit with several communications issued this week along with a letter being sent to some businesses.

Some VAT registered businesses will have received a letter from HMRC this week which automatically issues an EORI number to the business. Previous Brexit related communications have advised businesses to register for an EORI number voluntarily but the suggestion is that response has been slow and HMRC have now decided to auto-enrol businesses with EORI numbers.

An example of the HMRC letter can be seen here.

An EORI number is the registration number required for international trade – and previously only UK companies would have not generally needed an EORI number unless they traded outside the EU. This would however change after 31 October in a ‘no deal’ Brexit – and EORI numbers would be required for all EU trade. The format of an EORI number is based on the VAT registration number for the business with the suffix ‘000’.

The HMRC letter also provides further guidance on Brexit preparations – including suggesting that businesses apply for the Transitional Simplified Procedures scheme.