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Last updated on March 18th, 2021 at 05:44 pm

Payroll Services

When you choose to outsource payroll, you need a service that fits into the way you want to work. Some clients want to retain responsibility for some elements of payroll in-house, some want the whole thing taken off their hands.
BH Payroll Bureau offers a flexible solution that will give you all the support you need.
Our payroll services cover preparing the payroll, providing reports and epayslips, a BACS payment service and ensuring that all the Real Time Information and Auto Enrolment is submitted by the relevant deadlines. Within this we will deal with calculation on PAYE, National Insurance, Attachments of Earnings, Student Loans statutory payments and any other legislation.
We will provide details of the PAYE/NI liabilities due to enable these payments to be made, as well as providing payment details and deadlines, particularly important as HMRC are now increasingly chasing arrears aggressively with interest and potentially penalties being charged for late payment.

We like to keep things simple. Most of our clients will find that in normal circumstances our extremely cost effective standard service will meet all their requirements.
The table below shows the services that we provide as “standard” and those items which can be additionally added:

payroll table edited 443x450 - Payroll Services


We can assist in explaining how AutoEnrolment will impact your business and  provide services to open a scheme on your behalf. We will then assess your staff every pay period and calculate the necessary contributions to be deducted from the employee and paid by the employer. We will then upload the information required by the Pension Provider so the contributions can be collected from the business bank account and can also prepare the necessary communications to be sent to your staff.