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Last updated on September 18th, 2018 at 10:41 am

R&D Tax Reclaims

RD Tax Relief  - R&D Tax ReclaimsBurgess Hodgson is expert in preparing claims for R&D tax relief and over the last few years we have identified millions of pounds of additional tax relief for our clients.

As part of Government drives to encourage innovative companies to set up in the UK the tax system includes generous tax reliefs for companies engaged in Research and Development (R&D) or exploiting patented inventions.

These generous tax reliefs are crucial to many technology based companies – and it is vitally important that accountants can identify and then maximise any claim for the tax relief. For start-up companies it is possible in some cases to receive a cash payment from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) – even if no Corporation Tax has been paid. This is increasingly used as part of the funding of innovative start-up companies.

The system has been in place for some years, but the reliefs have been made more generous recently, and we recommend that any company engaging in any kind of innovation, research or product development should contact us to see if they qualify for the enhanced tax relief.

Our experience in making claims for R&D tax relief mean that Burgess Hodgson are experts in the complex tax legislation that underpins the tax relief but also understand the technical, scientific or IT work that our clients are involved in. Part of making a claim involves understanding the technical work our clients are conducting and summarising this in a report that will be submitted to HMRC for approval.

Burgess Hodgson’s taxation knowledge allows us to take a broader view of a client’s tax situation – for example combining claims for R&D tax relief with investor reliefs such as SeedEIS or EIS to ensure tax efficient investments into companies.

Who could qualify?

To qualify for the tax relief available businesses must;

  • Be a Limited Company – the tax relief itself is obtained through the Corporation Tax system.
  • Undertake activities that met the HMRC definition of what constitutes R&D – our experience of the HMRC guidance enables to identify where a claim may be possible.
  • Incurs certain costs in conducting the R&D activities, primarily;
    • Staff costs, including salaries and employers National Insurance;
    • Consumable materials used directly to carry out R&D;
    • Power, water, fuel or software used directly to help carry out R&D.

We have so far helped companies involved in agriculture, pharmaceuticals and medicine, food and drink, manufacturing, software and electronics amongst others, and have an excellent record of claiming the relief on behalf of our clients.

To see whether you could be eligible to make a claim, send us a few details via our enquiry form and we will come back to you to discuss your individual circumstances.