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Red Eagle soars

Posted: January 1, 2008

As owners of an award-winning recruitment business, Wayne Hodgson and Jo-Anna Stroud are not frightened of hard work. With a 24/7 mentality, the couple have seen their consultancy, Red Eagle, grow into one of the leading recruitment businesses in Kent.

Not only that, but Red Eagle recently scooped the prestigious title of Business of the Year in the Channel Chamber annual awards, reflecting impressive growth that has seen turnover double since the business was set up in 2004.

Since Red Eagle’s inception, it has worked closely with Canterbury-based accountants, Burgess Hodgson, a relationship that was developed at Wayne and Jo-Anna’s previous company. “Without Burgess Hodgson, we wouldn’t have been able to get our business off the ground,” says Wayne. “It’s as simple as that.”

The pair decided to open Red Eagle after they found they no longer fitted in with the firm they used to work for. From the outset, Burgess Hodgson was on hand to help with things like incorporating the business and setting up financial operations.

The ability to make their own decisions and implement their own ideas has helped Red Eagle grow its impressive client base and take on more internal staff. It now employs eight people, one of whom works outside the Folkestone office, alongside the 300 or so temporary staff on its books.

The team deals mainly with temporary work in the industrial and transport sectors and has secured several exclusive contracts. But, while Wayne and Jo-Anna know the recruitment industry inside out, they’d be the first to admit that, when it comes to payroll processing, tax returns, management accounts and VAT inspections, they’re happy to leave that to experts.
“Burgess Hodgson does all of our book-keeping, produces all the company’s invoices, as well as making sure around 300 people get paid every week,” says Wayne. “Everything financial, Burgess Hodgson deals with it!”

Wayne admits he’d be lost without the services Burgess Hodgson provides. Not only that, but by outsourcing much of the financial operation of the business, Wayne and Jo-Anna are free to do what they do best.

“When we started the business, we were knowledgeable about the industry and how we could make Red Eagle grow, but we are not accountants or financial people: we know enough to get by, but we certainly didn’t want to spend the majority of our time dealing with a payroll department,” says Wayne.

“Our relationship with Burgess Hodgson is invaluable: without its support we wouldn’t be able to focus on growth and development. It frees us up to concentrate on what we consider the most important parts of our business, such as maintaining relationships with clients, developing new business and coming up with policies and procedures to make the company grow.”

This growth is expected to continue. Wayne predicts annual turnover for 2007 will be up another 20 per cent, and, with a number of recent contract wins, the future looks bright for Red Eagle. With Burgess Hodgson providing a service that Wayne says “is second to none”, profits at Red Eagle look set to soar.

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