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Posted: September 19, 2014

“Thorough, communicative and knowledgeable.” These are the three words that Tony King, managing director of Think Furniture Design Limited, uses to describe Burgess Hodgson.

It’s a relationship based on confidence, built up over the last four years after Burgess Hodgson was engaged to provide its accountancy expertise in line with the growth of Think Furniture. “We experienced several issues with previous accountants,” says Tony. “We were not confident our obligations were being fully covered and, as our business grew, we knew we required more professional guidance.”

Think Furniture works with companies to improve their productivity by creating better workplace environments. “In essence, we help design plan and provide workplace furniture and environments with an emphasis on good ergonomics,” says Tony, who met Burgess Hodgson Associate Jim Leeves at a networking event and recognised the firm’s ability to be able to handle Think Furniture’s increasing financial requirements.

“Jim was able to quickly unravel the issues we had experienced and we were able to set out a plan to bring our accounts up-to-date quickly and efficiently,” explains Tony, who was also attracted by the size of Burgess Hodgson and its proximity to his business.

Most recently, Think Furniture has joined its sister business Papillon Interiors – also advised by Burgess Hodgson – by converting to a Cloud-based accounting model having discussed the move thoroughly with Burgess Hodgson. “This gives the directors better reporting and quick visibility of ‘where we are’ financially,” says Tony. “Burgess Hodgson has been instrumental in helping us bed this in to our business. We are aiming to do more in-house accounting; Jim and his team have advised us throughout this process, of course, and continue to help with any non day-to-day related accounting queries.”

Burgess Hodgson also helped Think Furniture when a new director/partner was integrated into the business. “We see Burgess Hodgson as our initial contact point whenever we have any company/financial structure changes to be considered,” says Tony.

“With Burgess Hodgson as our accountants, we are confident that our obligations are being met and that we are receiving the required advice to help us continue to trade positively and secure our future growth.”