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Our Top 5 Tips for Applying to be a BH trainee

Posted: December 19, 2017

Are you considering applying to be a trainee accountant at Burgess Hodgson?

Here are some handy top tips to help you through the application process!

  1. Communication – make sure you’re clear, concise and convey your points well.
  2. Presentation – first impressions are everything!
  3. Enthusiasm – it’s important that you like us as much as we like you. You’ll need to demonstrate your enthusiasm about working in the professional sector, training to be an accountant and participating in the Burgess Hogdson community.
  4. Commitment – the ACA qualifications are challenging, and it takes drive to be able to balance work and study. Show us that you’re motivated and ambitious.
  5. Integrity – integrity is an important character trait for accountants, so we want to see that you act responsibly and sincerely.

To find out more about the scheme or to begin your application, click here.

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